3D Graphics are really something different. It's a combination of fine art and application graphics.

It requires a lot of conceptual drawings, careful planning and delicate sculpting.

All 3D graphics are made with a "plastic base" clay. The final 3D graphic is strong and will hold up in most weather. And 95% of the color is in the clay. Very little paint is added to it. Then a final UV protected clear coat is applied.

The outside 3D Graphics on the Arlomobile is over 2 years and still is bright and colorful as the day it was applied.

If you are interested in having a 3D Graphic created...send an email, or use the comments form, and detail what type of application you are interested in.

Other Applications
However, you can have a smaller application. An example is the grill center piece for a 300 chrysler. The client wanted to apply a scull to it. Additional sculptures are being crafted for the side medallions.

A cartoon was made for the barbeque team of Pugnaious Q. Then they wanted to have a 3D scuplture done for thier table at the competitions.

Arlomobile Project

The Arlomobile is a large scale project. The car dash is completely sculpted with monsters and lots of fun things.
First a base form was made over the exsisting 41 Ford dash.
Then the final sculpting started.
Each instrument was carefully placed for correct placement and size during the sculpting phase.
After everything is sculpted and fitted the sculpted pieces were permanently installed.